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Jefferson County Health Department was awarded a grant to offer programs targeting tobacco prevention activities. We selected four model programs to work with to offer to the youth in Jefferson County. Staff from the health department work with teachers and educators in the schools in Jefferson County. We offer program presentations, support, materials, and incentives for the students participating. We would like to thank all the schools who have willingly participated in the programs in the past and those who will be participating in the programs in the future for assisting us in the effort to help our youth be smoke-free!

If you have any questions about any of the tobacco prevention programs listed below contact Judy at (618)244-7134.


Monster Cigarette Program

The Monster Cigarette Program works to create an awareness in young children of the toxic ingredients (and their effects) found in secondhand smoke and discourage the initiation of smoking. It targets kindergarten and grade school aged. An oversized "cigarette" prop (mailing tube) and sacks which contain ingredients in cigarettes is used for this presentation. These ingredients are labeled by chemical names and common household product names. Poisons, chemicals, and household products are identified and discussed and the children put them back into the "cigarette".

Operation Storefront Program

Operation Storefront works to identify the number of tobacco names/logo impressions youth see on advertising and promotional items provided to stores by tobacco companies. This program targets middle and high school students. The students do an advertising survey in local stores. Promotional items at eye level, behind the counter, near candy displays, etc. are counted.

Smoke Free, That's Me!

The Smoke Free, That's Me! Program is designed to educate students on the adverse health effects of tobacco usage. This program targets second grade students. Activities to educate young children about the importance of healthy lungs are done. Specifically targeting how our lungs are affected by the environment and how smoking can damage the body.


Teens Against Tobacco-Use (T.A.T.U.) Program

The T.A.T.U. Program works to help teens remain tobacco free by gaining skills to help them in a wide range of adult activities. This program targets high school students specifically. A tobacco facilitator is trained to present the program to teenagers who in turn develop their own tobacco training prevention message to younger children. During the training, teenagers learn about the consequences of tobacco use, tobacco advertising, how to plan a presentation, and how to get involved with community action to reduce youth access to tobacco.

Not On Tobacco (NOT)

Not On Tobacco, or NOT, is a new, state-of-the-art, school-based adolescent smoking cessation program developed by the American Lung Association. It provides an effective and easy to use method for helping adolescents quit smoking. At the same time, NOT offers a "total health approach" by focusing on overall health and improving daily life management skills. NOT also offers an alternative to Suspension Programs.

Media Sharp

The purpose of Media Sharp, a program provided through Illinois Department of Public Health, is to help young people critically assess how media normalize, glamorize, and create role models for unhealthy lifestyles and behaviors. This effort supports the growing national emphasis on "media literacy" - the ability to "read" and produce media messages.


Illinois Smoke-Free Restaurant Recognition Program

Through the creation of the Illinois Smoke-Free Restaurant Recognition Program, the Illinois Department of Public Health is responding to the concerns of non-smoking restaurant patrons and employees who are exposed to hazardous second-hand smoke in restaurants. The program goal is to highlight those restaurants in Illinois that have voluntarily gone smoke-free to provide information about restaurants that are smoke-free, and to raise public awareness of the dangers of second-hand smoke.