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Of the 1 million children aged 6 and younger in Illinois, approximately 170,000 have a blood lead level that is too high.

Lead poisoning is a disease caused by swallowing or inhaling lead. Even small amounts of chipped lead paint or lead dust can be dangerous to the body.

At lower levels lead poisoning may not be obvious. There are usually no signs, or they could mimic symptoms of flu or other illnesses. At lower levels they may cause damage to the nervous system, interfere with growth, lower IQ scores, and make learning difficult. At higher levels lead poisoning may cause coma, convulsions, or death.

Lead poisoning does not solely come from lead paint. Lead poisoning can come from contaminated water, soil, food, auto exhaust, and environmental pollution. Because it is very common - millions of American children are affected by lead poisoning each year.

But, lead poisoning is preventable!

CDC guidelines require that all children 6 years of age and younger must have a lead screening at least one time upon entry to day care, preschool, or kindergarten. If any positive scores on the screening the child must have a blood lead test.

The blood lead test consists of a simple fingerstick blood draw. The charge at JCHD for a blood lead test is $45.00. Billing of the test to IDPA for services is done if the client presents with a current IDPA medical card.

For more information click on one of the link's below to go directly to the Center for Disease Control's web site Lead Poisoning Page or the Illinois Department of Public Healths Lead Poisoning Page.

Center for Disease Control

Illinois Department of Public Health