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Jefferson County Health Department Wellness Clinic has been in operation since January 2001. The clinic opened to provide a voluntary alternative for quality, cost-effective comprehensive STD services, medical and educational services, emphasizing healthy reproductive practices, sexual responsibility, and optimal physical and emotional health to the general public.

In July the clinic expanded services to include school/work exams, sports exams, well child exams, and general acute care that can be provided by a Physician Assistant licensed in Illinois (health care delivered to patients experiencing any short term pattern of care covered under the scope of family practice).

The clinic assures client confidentiality and established safegaurds for individuals against the invasion of personal privacy, as required by law.

Education in regards to abstinence is offered as a primary means to reduce the risk of pregnancy, STD's and HIV. The concept of the clinic places value on both men and women as thinking, feeling, rational individuals capable of learning, making decisions, and effecting change. The clinic makes options and choices available to both men and women providing information and education for informed decision-making. When abstinence is not an option or choice for the client, birth control, risk reduction supplies, and risk reduction education are provided. Nursing staff work with clientele at the clinic.

Clinic services are fee based services and follows a price list already established and approved by the board of health. The clinic does not bill private insurance or Medicare but the client has the option of submitting their bill into their own insurance company. The clinic does bill IDPA on behalf of a client presenting with a current IDPA medical card.

The clinic is open every Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.. Appointments are recommended to decrease your wait time in the clinic, although walk-ins are welcome.

Please call Jefferson County Health Department to schedule an appointment at (618)244-7134. If you have any specific questions about services offered at the clinic, please ask to speak to Vickie directly.