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Communicable disease program is offered to promote optimal health among Jefferson County residents by working to control the spread of communicable diseases. Staff investigate the causes of contagious diseases, especially in epidemic form. Staff work to help restrict and/or supress said diseases.

Monthly reports are received from local health care offices and schools in Jefferson County. Reports are followed up with then compiled and forwarded to Illinois Department of Public Health.

Examples of some communicable diseases that are followed and/or tracked are: Chickenpox, Meningitis, Lyme Disease, Encephalitis, Strep., Salmonella, Hepatitis A, B, & C, and foodborne and waterborne illnesses. Keep in mind these are only a few that have been listed.

For more information on any of the diseases listed you can go to the link below and type in the specific disease interested in.

Health A to

Or you can click on this text and go to the State of Illinois Home Page and select "a-z Topics List" then search for topic/disease interested in.

If you have any questions about the program, please call Jefferson County Health Department at (618)244-7134 and ask for Jill Bean.